Top SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tools You Must Know About

There was a time when SEO-friendly and Audience-friendly were two different things. However, Google has been constantly updating its algorithms and contents are becoming more audience-friendly. That means, audience-friendly content is SEO-friendly content – there is no difference.

So, if you are going to aim high and write high-quality content for your target audience, you will need some assistance along with superb writing skills.

Importance of SEO-friendly content writing tools

SEO-friendly writing tools help to improve a website’s ranking and visibility on SERP. Since search engines such as Google are updating their algorithm constantly, creating desirable content can get a little tough. But thanks to SEO writing tools, you can create content that your audience wants and Google approves.

Some of the best SEO-friendly writing tools include –

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is one of the main reasons behind content devaluation and website ranking issues.

Plagiarism or copyright infringement in content writing leads the content to be ranked in a lower position. Furthermore, the website might have to pay a serious penalty for displaying plagiarized content.

A plagiarism checker tool can help you prevent plagiarism early by detecting copied content so you can rewrite the content to avoid any penalty.

Article Rewriter

One of the most popular SEO-friendly content writing tools is an article rewriter or paraphrasing tool. Article rewriter tools can optimize content and remove plagiarism by rephrasing or rewriting the content.

These tools can also help to optimize keywords by rewriting the content to suit the target keywords in a natural, optimized way.

Not only that, but with an article rewriter, you can enhance content readability by rephrasing the text into a more engaging and easy-to-read version.

That being said, you should remember that paraphrasing tools are a means to help you write optimized content. With the right use, paraphrasing tools can become your best friend in SEO-friendly content writing.

Grammar Checker

Grammar is important in communication. Especially when it comes to professional writing communication, you can’t do it with proper grammar.

Since through online content writing you are communicating with your audience, you have to make sure that your grammar is top-notch. Furthermore, search engine bots also prefer grammatically correct content over grammatically flawed content.

However, it’s tough to correct the grammar of a text if the text is long or you don’t have sufficient grammar knowledge. Fortunately, with the right online grammar checker tool, you can prevent this situation easily.

A grammar checker tool can detect grammatical issues, misspellings, and other punctuation issues. It can also suggest corrections so you can easily correct the issues and make them grammatically flawless.

Word Counter

Word count is an important part of web content writing. Most of the article submission sites require a certain word limit. Word count helps you optimize content length, keyword as well as content readability.

The word counter tool is a great way to count words and even characters of text. You don’t have to do the time-consuming and exhausting task of counting words or characters by yourself. Instead, you can leave the task to a word counter tool and let it accurately count words.

Bonus: SEOWagon

SEOWagon is not a single tool, rather it’s a collection of SEO tools that can help you optimize your website content. SEOWagon has some of the best SEO-friendly content writing tools as well as other SEO tools including –

  • Keyword position checker
  • Keyword density checker
  • Reverse image search
  • Image optimizer and so on

With tons of tools from SEOWagon, you can not only optimize your content, but you can optimize your entire website.

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