Secrets of How to Create A Powerful Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement? Why do you need a strong thesis statement and how to write one? We will answer these questions and more below –

Thesis Statement

In simple words, a thesis statement is the main idea of a paper or an essay. It sums up the whole point of the assignment and then the rest of the assignment follows.

The purpose of writing a statement is to present the main idea as well as to control the entire paper with that idea.

Characteristics of A Thesis Statement

  1. A thesis statement should express a thought that most people might not agree with. Students should choose a subject on which people usually debate upon.
  2. It can be stylized either as a question/answer, or a strong opinion. Either way, you will need to break down the answer to the question or the statement throughout the rest of the essay.
  3. A statement must provoke questions or doubt from the readers. The writer must draw the readers in to witness the reasoning of the statement.
  4. It will explain one main idea rather than several ideas to express the power of your opinion.
  5. It should make the readers care for your essay. The statement should make the reader think that it’s important to learn the reason behind your statement.

Where Should You Put the Thesis Statement?

Usually, you write the thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph of your paper.

The first paragraph of your essay or paper is the fundamental part of your thesis because it is the first thing that people will read. And this is where you should put your statement to make sure it gets the maximum attention from your readers.

How to Write A Powerful Thesis Statement

1. Brainstorm

If you want your thesis to look good and outstanding on paper, you have to work for it. Brainstorming and researching will do the trick you need to get a powerful thesis statement. Whatever your topic is, make sure you know the depth of it and build your argument based on that knowledge.

2. Ask A Question, Answer, Make an Argument, and Conclude

The four major steps of the thesis follow the order below–

  • Ask a question to bring attention to your topic
  • Provide an answer to the asked question.
  • Make an argument in defense of your statement,
  • Put a conclusion.

3. Make Your Statement Clear and Concise

Your thesis statement should be a bite-size sentence. It should send a clear idea of the main point and make the readers become curious about your statement, leading them to read the rest of the paper.

4. Make Your Argument Logical Instead of Emotional

While bringing some emotion into your paper will make your argument look more humane, relying solely on emotions will cause more harm than good. If you fail to provide practical reasons behind your argument, your statement will lose its value entirely. So, provide details about the pros and cons of your idea and then present a defensive case based on that statement.

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