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Write a Descriptive Essay – Easy and Simple Steps

Writing is something that has no fixed rules and regulations. It may feel like you are walking through slippery roads during a heavy rainstorm, but still, you have to make it. The words are there but it seems difficult to create the feeling. Descriptive writing refers to being aware of all the facts so that the readers could get vibrant knowledge. 

Writing is some kind of “free bird” that stops or changes direction only if it feels like doing so. A driver controls the car which means the writers need to change or stick to the concept. However, sometimes you need to discover and apply how to make the essay descriptive due to professional writing consequences.

How to Write a Wonderful Descriptive Essay in 7 easy steps?

Going into the detailing makes the essays more engaging and reader-friendly. When it is full of details, the readers can receive a lot of notions from that topic.

1: Select an explicit theme

You must make the essays dominant to your readers. Picking up a specific title or topic eases the goal to attain. Topic influences the readers to be more attentive than anything else. It’s about giving less importance to your own perception and more to your professional goals.

2: Assemble information

A good descriptive essay becomes only when every detail stands in a format. Names, locations, characteristics, background history, and sensual info will help implant the main theory in the audience’s mind.

3: Create an Outline

An outline helps both the writers and readers stay focused. It is not organized properly, you cannot hold the audience for too long. Put headings, sub-headings, and categories in your essays to grab the audience more confidently.

4: Proper Introduction

A good introduction increases the possibility of organic traffic to your site. A bold statement must appear at the beginning and it has to be the best.

5: Organize body paragraphs

Every body paragraph should start with an eye-catchy subheading that attracts the viewers. It basically has to boost the expectation of the audience. Make sure that the expectation doesn’t fade out so easily.

6: Summary of an essay in the conclusion

The conclusion should be an informative summary of the whole article. It certainly makes the readers happy at last and hopefully, they decide to purchase your product or service.

7: Finding ways to brighten up the language

No matter which language you select to start writing, you have to ensure sufficient light to the language. Do not let the message remain in darkness due to language failure. Use the element very nicely to grab your audience for longer. Success happens only when your speeches stay in the reader’s mind even after they leave. 

What are the Techniques of Descriptive Writing? 

Writing is supremely connected to reading and that’s where the triumph comes from. If our lack of engagement and class remain in a copy, it will certainly lose its value. If it feels that something is not right there, it is the descriptive writing fact. There are varieties of techniques and selections you can put in a concept but make sure it works. The main thing is to understand what to take inside and what to leave to set the right mood.

Three key places where descriptive writing acts outstanding:

Professional emails and other sectors,

Technical field, 

Academic field

Descriptive writing is something that persuades the reader. You can make your writing more descriptive by following the techniques.

Using Metaphors

A metaphor is a literary technique that compares one subject to another. For example,

There are lots of black sheep in our company.

That man is a tornado who destroys everything when it comes.

My wife is the torch-bearer of my family.  

By defining one word in another, you are not changing the message but reinforcing it. When you say that there are lots of black sheep in a company, you are referring to the facts of corruption. The objects are the same but the readers will encounter these in your writing very pleasantly. You get the chance to describe the hidden message in your words sometimes.


Similes are just like metaphors. The only difference is that in similes, like, as, so, and then are used to compare the facts. For example,

He works like a machine.

The simile doesn’t make the comparison literal instead of emphasizing the statement.


It was a million-dollar smile.

The audience knows very well that the smile is not pricey but still they love the line and understand the meaning. It is called hyperbole which shows the superiority or extreme condition of something through such words. You are not confusing the readers instead of exaggerating them intentionally. The readers are not getting confused as well since they know the purpose of this writing. 


The face of the sky is so gloomy today. It seems that rain will appear in a moment.

We are talking about the condition of the sky but there is no face of the sky that we know. It is just a matter of description that the writers can apply. The readers get a clear image of the message through this sort of description. Moreover, they feel interested to read further.

Significance of descriptive writing

Something can become anything for a healthy and eye-catchy description. It gives an extra polish to your content to make it more delicious to the receiver. To describe a vivid expression in a particular topic, you must apply several techniques in your writing.

Purpose of descriptive Essays

Readers can get a robust idea through a descriptive essay. The understanding becomes more transparent to the readers. The purpose is to let the readers hold a clear image of the essays after reading them. It might be a geographical venue, a historical location, or some pieces of art. It also intends to make the writer open to his readers.


To be a better writer, there are several elements that you need. Being focused on detailing or learning ‘how to write a descriptive essay’ are just some of the core elements of a good or even better writer. There is no alternative to reading to be a fabulous writer. Therefore, analyze the pattern of different writers and see how they implement their works.  

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